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The Spoken Image
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The Spoken Image is the online home of Michelle & Steve Muir, consultants who take your needs seriously{but don't take themselves too-too seriously.}

Michelle provides consulting services in marketing communications, public relations, and government matters. She is a Chapel Hill alumni and is highly involved in the community through public service to non-profit and other organizations, and has held numerous appointments to boards and commissions.

In addition to developing innovative technology solutions, Steve is an award-winning photographer whose understanding of clients’ needs have placed his work in advertising campaigns for major companies like SAS, Vietri, Ford Motor Company, and IBM. His professionalism has placed him with personalities like Steve Forbes, Ted Koeppel, and Jeff Bezos, and his easy-going demeanor has coaxed even the most unwilling child to give up a grin.

So if you're looking for a way to deliver your message in words or images - in a way that people will hear it - give us a shout. We can help!


"She earned the confidence of my entire team
and established a solid reputation for her hard work and an uncanny ability to deliver a powerful message."

"I really appreciate their creativity and professionalism. I highly recommend
their services."

"She was always available with an
intelligent comment, a plan, and the work to get things done."