iCary WiFi

iCary WiFi
Downtown's free public wireless. It's time.

iCary Wi-Fi is a wireless network established to provide free public internet access to shoppers and visitors in Downtown Cary. Partners in the downtown area host a radio with high security, to broadcast a signal for public use as a hotspot. Hotspots meet to create the coverage area. The more businesses that participate, the larger the coverage area becomes.

When a user logs on to iCary Wi-Fi from any participating hotspot, they see a single welcome page that advertises sponsors of the network. Advertising sponsors provide revenue for equipment purchases.

It’s Win-Win-Win-Win. Downtown business owners gain the ability to attract and retain new clientele using their previously existing internet connection to securely provide access. Sponsors have an inexpensive means of connecting with a technology-saavy market. Customers have free wireless and we ALL have a public wireless network in the Technology Town of North Carolina.

The project is modeled after a similar organic network that has been growing in Hillsboro, Oregon since 2008. Equipment costs, installation, and administration are paid for by advertising sponsorships, donations and use of volunteers. iCary has been operating since December 2009.

Consider partnering with iCary Wi-Fi. You’ll promote the renewal of Downtown, provide a valuable service to visitors, and market your product and service to a great demographic.

For more information and rates, hit the link on the right.

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